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What Makes TraumaCall Different To An EAP

  • Is your EWP company expensive with lots of unused/unwanted frills?
  • Does your EWP company only offer telephone counselling?
  • If they do offer face-to-face counselling, do they have a network of counsellors countrywide who will travel to where they are needed?
  • Can the person requiring counselling get to choose their counsellor?
  • Is your EWP company’s services only accessible through a call-centre?

EWP services that are bloated with unwanted/unused frills, whose important counselling services can only be received by phone, or through a call centre that allocates a counsellor without input from the client, and often has the client waiting for hours or days before getting help is the old way of doing things, and it is normally expensive.

The problem with the old way is that it just isn't suited to the high demands of successful businesses in 2017. Counselling services, whether trauma or psychosocial, need to be available on demand and within 2 hours, to ensure a minimum loss of productivity and prevent negative long term effects on performance.

At TraumaCall we have the solution. Using our state of the art cell phone app, backed up by our website and advanced Contact Centre, our growing countrywide network of trauma counsellors and mental health professionals are available immediately, 24 hours a day, all year round. No expensive unwanted frills. Just a countrywide network of professionals waiting to help your staff recover back to full productivity quickly.

It is 2017. Time to discard the old ways and embrace the new. Talk to us today.

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